Thursday, July 24, 2014

Updates and New Bucks

Eeeek! I finally have a moment to post again! On Sunday, I was very pleased to be picking up my new DH buck who came all the way from northeast Texas! I love him so much. He lost a touch of weight and condition on transport but immediately went to drinking and digging through his handful of hay once I set him in a cage. After he settled in a bit, I got him out to pose and was blown away. Ladies and gents, I've never seen an Hotot in person with such a compact body... I mean, wow! Compared to the rest of mine, he's missing half of his body, Lol! Figuratively speaking of course. ;-) He's just 3 months old so he will need some time to grow and mature before I begin breeding him. I'm excited to try him with all of my does and see how he meshes. Thank you Lindsey King for such a nice little guy! I really needed this to get me going again! <3 ((HUGS))

4King's Bodhi
(Photo credits to Lindsey King)
Sorry for the lack of new photos! I haven't wanted to
bother him too much.

Also, another little buck that Lindsey helped me to acquire was Percy's 302. This little buck has a super wide HQ and has produced some nice stock. I'm excited to begin working him into my lines. Did I mention that Bodhi is a grandson of 302 on both sides? I love line breeding! Photo credits go to Lindsey King again. He looks so nice, pure, and sharp in these pictures. He's very molty at the moment so I don't dare post pictures until he finishes up.

Very excited about these new additions! Unfortunately, I did end up selling a doe in order to make up for two additions. I sold Huckleberry's Cosette on Sunday. She was a fabulously well-typed doe but I didn't see her working well with my lines down the road. Will miss her dearly! She's headed off to live with Angela and her family in Arizona. I hope you love her Angela!

Anyways, late last night I was feeling very anxious and couldn't sleep so I decided to make a list of everything I had in the barn at the moment. I took count of all of the seniors that I was keeping and also counted up how many jrs and babies I had. I realized that I have 38 juniors at the moment. What a scary thought. This is why I never count my rabbits. Lol! I'm anxious to cut back on numbers a bit here, soon. We will certainly be cutting back our junior numbers by convention, of course. By then, they will be old enough to get an idea of their type and I'll decide whether they will stay or be sold. There are several juniors that I have my eye on. It will be a very exciting next few months! I'm already starting to get inquiries and transports lined up for convention! I think Fort Worth Convention is going to be the time of my life! :-D

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  1. Yay!! So happy that you like him :) I really can't wait for Fort Worth, will be fun times and memories made.